Testimonials – Overland Park and Lenexa Personal fitness reviews, before/after pictures, and recommendations from past and current clients.

  • My wife finds me much more sexy and my sex life has vastly improved thanks to C and F. She seems to be much more excited about our intimacy. I knew Compound H and F was working when she reached behind me in an embrace, felt the definition in my back, and said “ohhhhhh”. The fire is definitely burning. Thanks Anthony!

    Ryan Evans

  • Anthony and Rachel have been great trainers over the past 6 months which has allowed me to achieve loss of body fat and the toning of my muscles.

    When I started with Anthony, I told him that I have been working out quite a bit by myself for many years and spending long hours at a gym to get back in shape, but was unable to fulfill my need to be able to wear clothes that I wanted to fit into from years past.

    The time I spent working out by myself achieved very little results, but with Anthony and Rachael, the time spent has been used much more efficiently because of their expertise and coaching. I have lost quite a bit of body fat, and my husband and my daughter have told me that I look great, that I have definition, and I look very energetic and fit.

    Anthony and Rachael have been great advocates in helping me to not only lose body fat, but have helped with a healthy diet that has allowed me to gain muscle mass. My lifestyle is much healthier than it ever has been before, and I have much more energy as well as better sleep habits.  I hope that everyone can take advantage of these great trainers!

    Michiyo Dougherty

  • I began training with Anthony in August 2012 thinking that running 4-5 times a week and having high cardiovascular endurance made me a fit person.  I didn’t have great expectations of losing a lot of weight or changing my body dramatically; I wanted a little more definition and to feel more “functionally fit” in my everyday life. About 2 months into training with Anthony my fiancé noted, “Wow, your arms and back are TIGHT!  That’s sexy!” 

    The results I’ve obtained since training with Compound Health & Fitness have far exceeded my expectations.  Not only do Anthony and Rachel push you to your limits and beyond, but they tailor your workout to meet your needs (Anthony has modified my sessions to accommodate foot pain, knee injury, etc.).  Plus, the trainers are just great people and care deeply about their clients and every aspect of their lives.  I’ve gained a remarkable amount of knowledge about nutrition, in addition to the killer workouts, and have never felt better in my life.  The pounds and body fat continue to drop off and for once I don’t feel like it’s such a struggle.

    Compound Health & Fitness has made a HUGE impact on me for the better and I know they will continue to contribute to a healthy, happy, fit life!

    Holly Winchell

  • When I started in 2005 my weight was 206lbs. and my body fat 42%. As of today in 2013 I weigh 150 pounds and have dropped my body fat to 31%. What has been great about Rachel is that she stresses the importance of a healthy “Lifestyle”. I haven’t lost weight or body fat drastically, but I understand also that is why I have been able to keep it off!

    Also, having never been a runner I competed in the Trolley Run in 2012, walking it because of my physical improvements. Rachel has been able to help me refocus and motivate myself not only in physical and nutritional ways, but also for self-improvement. She truly cares about you!

    Colleen M. Reilly

  • Rachel and Anthony provide the “complete” package for fitness.  I have been weight challenged for a lot of my life, and have tried many different diets or fitness routines.  The difference with them is that I’m dealing with good information and support for both sides of the equation, exercise and healthy nutrition.  Rachel does a great job of being encouraging, yet pushing me, whether I am working out with her or on my own.  Anthony and her also provide nutritional advice and support for healthy eating, such as their latest holiday fitness challenge.  The best news … I am getting smaller and healthier!!!

    Cindy Stovall

  • Being in my 50’s and active I know the value of being healthy. I also knew this doesn’t happen on its own, so I dumped my regular routine when I was introduced to Rachel. In 4 short months I was feeling stronger, and much healthier. Doing private sessions with Rachel helped correct my form, and although some moves were harder the results were evident. Now I can work in a small group and enjoy the camaraderie of working with others, and I feel confident about my workout.

    I give a shout out to any woman in her 50’s that wants more out of your everyday life. Rachel is constantly setting an example and educating as she does her classes. She focuses on the long term, which I really appreciate. There are no quick fixes and she is not peddling them.

    Christy Londerholm

  • It was a little over a year ago, I decided I would find away to reduce the Meds I was taking for my Diabetes. I also felt it was time I started to get back into shape.

    In less than 6 months of starting my workouts with Anthony I was able to completely eliminate one med, and reduce dosage on another, but so much more has happened. With Anthony’s guidance I am living life with so much more energy! The fitness part continues to allow me a complete new- mind body soul outlook. Along with Anthony and Rachel’s help showing me better eating habits, and teaching a healthy lifestyle it’s made a big difference. Even with the traveling I do, everything is much clearer. It’s still staying focused, working hard, working out, making good healthy decisions, but with Anthony and Rachel’s help it makes the future even brighter. If you’re looking for that Healthy Lifestyle- and you’re willing to work hard, and listen -Compound Health and Fitness can get you there!

    Bill McFarland

  • Rachel is an awesome trainer and inspiration to be fit.  Through the 4 years that I have worked out with her, I have learned a lot about how far I can push myself.  She has the ability to keep you moving using multiple muscle groups at once plus being aware of any old injuries or special needs that everyone has. Working in a group provides great synergy and makes it more enjoyable as we can all “Moan” together.  She is a good but tough coach.

    Personally, I have been able to build more muscle, trim inches, lose weight and go from a size 8 pant to a size 4.  I feel better, I have learned to eat better, and I look better. I had always been active but not had the guidance to get to where I am today without Rachel’s effervescent personal approach and knowledge. It is a life change for sure! Thanks Rachel!!

    Debbie Sherrer

  • I was always concerned if the money spent on fitness is a good return on investment, believing that simply jogging would keep me fit enough. After spending time with Rachel and Anthony, I was quickly convinced that working with a personal trainer was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Rachel and Anthony not only motivated me to exercise on a regular basis, they also made training and participating a half marathon absolutely joyful. I will be running a full marathon in 6 month, and of course, under the supervision of Rachel and Anthony.

    Not only do I benefit from their great knowledge about fitness, anatomy and diet, I also got to meet many other great people who work with Rachel and Anthony. Working out finally makes fun (and sense).

    Dennis Schmidt

  • I would like to give a shout out to anyone looking to make a change in their life, to look and to feel better, to try out Anthony and Rachel! I am 56 years old and started working out with Anthony approximately 6 months ago. I was a little overweight and not very fit. I have always had lower back problems, knee problems, and two slightly torn rotator cuffs. All my problems that I had when I started are either gone or are getting better. No more lower back problems! No more knee problems and both rotator cuffs are getting better.

    Also my diet was pretty bad. Anthony convinced me to eat healthier.  I gave up soda, I eat healthier food and I have cut back on alcohol. I have lost 15 pounds. I feel much better and have more energy! I feel great!  I would highly recommend Anthony to anyone at any age. I feel this was a great decision to start working out and feel very lucky to have found Anthony and Compound Health And Fitness. Keep up the good work. I am with you for the long haul

    JD McGhee

  • Rachel and Anthony have been great to work with.  I know I am working out so much harder and getting better results than when I was exercising on my own.  I saw a change in how my clothes fit almost immediately!  I feel stronger and healthier as a result of working out twice a week with them.  Workouts are always fun, different, and the time passes very quickly.  I really appreciate their support and positive outlook. They are very professional and always have lots of great ideas for fitness and nutrition. It is fun when I read or hear about a new idea in fitness, and we have already been doing it in our workouts! Anthony and Rachel are great about introducing us to new concepts in training!  Thanks to both of you, I am really enjoying my workout time!

    Kristen Easley

  • What can I say about CHF. They have simply changed my life in so many ways. I was always nervous to try personal training, and I didn’t think it would help me at all because I have always been in good shape. Well, I found out I was far from it. Personal training has changed me not only physically and mentally, but it is what sparked a fire in my belly and helped me figure out what I wanted to do later in life. I have noticed physical and mental strength, endurance, and overall wellbeing. My eating habits have changed drastically along with the way I live my life. I used to hate fitness. I hated working out, I hated going to the gym, and I often found myself forcing my body to get up and go. Now, after seeing SO many incredible results with CHF, I LOVE IT ALL, and I will continue to live with these healthy habits Rachel and Anthony have instilled in me for the rest of my life. 

    Seth Lieser

  • My journey with Rachel began when I attended a strength class at The Overland Park Athletic Club several years ago. I was in a mundane fitness routine & was contemplating finding a personal trainer. But who? In walks Rachel to teach the class that I found challenging and fun. FITNESS WITH RACHEL = FUN! As I was leaving the club, I stopped to write down her telephone information, called her and have been with her since.

    I am sure there are a lot of great personal trainers but NONE would compare to Rachel. Rachel is more than a personal trainer she’s a life coach. You gain limitless knowledge for your mind, body & soul. Rachel truly cares about your overall wellbeing. There are times when you don’t feel like working out. Rachel is ALWAYS there to draw you in with her friendly smile & cheerful personality.

    The information provided by Rachel & Anthony has elevated their clients with their vast sources of expertise. Together they can help you accomplish your goals & cheer for you along the way.

    Trina Nold

  • I have been training with Anthony for about six months. At the beginning in our first meeting he asked me to define the goals I wanted to achieve training with him. Well, I am 72 years old, so my goals are much different than many of his other clients. My goals were to improve my cardiovascular health, loose 10lbs., retain muscle mass or slow muscle mass loss, and increase flexibility, balance, and endurance. To me these goals defined “wellness”, or more precisely Quality of Life.

    Anthony’s attention to detail and making sure the types of exercises are correct and safe has allowed me to be in that comfort zone. Actually he has taught my body new skills in both balance and coordination that I never could have imagined 6 months ago. In the beginning I couldn’t climb a flight of stairs without stopping on each step due to the pain in my knees. Today he has me scurrying up and down stairs as a normal, healthy person would.

    In December I had my yearly physical check-up. IT WAS GREAT!! I felt so good and laughed on the inside when the doctor called me a “boring patient” because he couldn’t find anything wrong with me. It was really exciting when he gave me the balance and agility test. In previous years I didn’t do well. This year, totally different and at the end he said I was a “textbook case of excellent health.” At 72 years old I take no medication!

    My diet was another giant to take down, but he got me there. I didn’t lose the ten pounds I set out to, I lost thirteen and am still counting! I still enjoy eating…now its just eating right!

    My quality of life and goals go hand in hand. Over the last six months Anthony has been the catalyst to the success I’ve enjoyed. We have worked hard tougher, laughed together, and we have succeeded TOGETHER! Would I ever recommend personal training to others? Yes, and I would certainly recommend Anthony! His results driven programs are great and I look forward to my next six months of training with him!

    Tom Lieser

  • Several months ago, I looked in the mirror and realized that I’d managed to get heavier than at any time in my life.  I was right at 220 pounds, and felt like crap.  The job in South Africa is crazy stressful with my day starting at 4:15am and ending around 6:30 or 7:00pm.  Add to that eating from a vending machine and a lot of restaurants, and well …. so I joined a gym, hired a trainer and made a (renewed) commitment to changing things.  So far, I’ve lost 30 pounds and feel a ton better.  I still have a way to go, but at least I’m back in the groove.

    That said, the experience of hiring a trainer here has only re-emphasized to me how amazing you guys are.  My trainers here have been ok, but there is no focus on nutrition, the workouts are boring, and their overall interest level is low.  I’ve been successful so far, but I’ve really missed working with you. Your workouts were always varied and interesting and the amount of preparation you put into them clearly showed your commitment to each individual client. The focus you placed on nutrition and overall wellness was just an added bonus.  From my experience here, I’d say your dedication, holistic and individualized approach really sets you apart.  Plus, you’re a cool couple of people and I always looked forward to seeing you. 

    One of these days, I’ll look forward to working out with you again back in the States.  For now, I’ll keep enjoying your facebook updates, and am planning on using your weekly workouts beginning in the New Year. 

    Owen Newman

  • I have always been a pretty health-conscious, athletic person. I like to work out and I do my best to eat well, but I was to the point in my life where I was tired of doing the same old workout routine day in and day out. So I went to my first class with Rachel last August and haven’t stopped going back since.

    Both Rachel and Anthony are awesome to work with and they do a fantastic job of switching up the workouts and keeping us all motivated to come back each and every class. They have an abundance of knowledge and are prime examples of how one should exercise, eat right and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle.

    I should also mention that my husband and I just got married in June and one of my main goals for the wedding was to slim down and tone up. By participating in class on a regular basis and using Rachel and Anthony’s nutrition tips I was extremely happy with the results. I learned the scale doesn’t matter. When I look in the mirror I can tell that my lean muscle has grown and my body fat percentage has dropped. 

    The classes are definitely tough, but when it’s all said and done it really makes you feel good to look back and think about what you have accomplished!

    Kelsey Gotsche

  • Hi guys! Our names are Megan and Matt, or as Rachel likes to call us, M&M! Shortly after getting engaged we committed to running a 5K race each month out of the year. When late fall came around last year we quickly learned that maybe running outside in the cold wasn’t going to work so well, and strength training may also be necessary. 

    We began going to the gym more regularly and attended our first class with Rachel. As soon as Megan saw her she whispered to me, “Oh my gosh we are going to die tonight! Look at how in shape she is!!!” Megan was wrong (we survived!!) and I continue to push her to get her butt to class as many times a week as possible! Rachel and Anthony’s classes incorporate a perfect mix of cardio and weight training and have helped us better our personal bests for the 5K’s.

    The classes offered by Rachel and Anthony are hard, yes (hey isn’t that the point?), but more importantly fun, and they have a very positive “no-judgement allowed in my gym” attitude. You guys have been great!

    Matt and Megan Durbin

  • I started running 5k’s in March with a couple friends, and we quickly decided we should do about 1 per month. That somehow turned into signing up for the Kansas City Half Marathon. I was absolutely terrified because I’ve never done that long of a race, so I started coming to a few of Rachel’s and Anthony’s classes thinking they would be a nice add on to my marathon training. Needless to say they have been awesome and I am almost addicted to the classes now! I hate when I have to miss due to work or other commitments.

    Rachel and Anthony have been amazing, they are great at pushing you to your limits and to do your best in a very positive environment. Their classes incorporate the perfect mix of cardio, core, strength and weight training and I always feel great when I’ve completed one. They have helped me lose weight, tone muscle, overall made me feel better about myself, and I’m so happy I decided to start attending their classes!

    Kristen Rash

  • My friend Anthony has just been great. I suffered a viral attack on my brain and spinal column, leaving me with about 5-10% usage of my right leg. Doctors were surprised I survived the attack and told me six years ago I’d probably lose my leg one day. I came to Anthony hoping to have some positive gains that would prevent this from happening.

    Anthony has been wonderful for me! He started by training me in home and at the gym. We have been able to progress, and we work together for 45minutes 3 days per week now. Anthony is such a help. He picks me up and takes me to the gym, and drives me home after. I’m glad to say I feel better, have fewer days of pain in my hip, and greatly enjoy my training with Anthony

    Bill Wagler

  • Working out when you are pregnant can be intimidating and leaving you in an area of unknown. I didn’t know if lifting weights was safe or how to modify moves as my belly grew. However, working with Anthony at Compound Health & Fitness put all of those fears aside. Anthony assured me that being healthy by eating right and staying active was the best thing I could do for my baby and for myself. Every session he worked with me to strengthen areas that would keep me strong throughout my pregnancy and during childbirth. He also showed me exercises that I could perform at home every day that would help with my strength and endurance for the long hours of labor. Knowing that I was prepared for the marathon of childbirth was very comforting. There are so many things to worry about during a pregnancy, but staying healthy and strong wasn’t one of them thanks to Anthony.

    Beth Anderson

  • I am 57-year-old male and been working out for a while with mixed results. I joined a number of the local and national fitness chains and made some progress but seemed to not be connecting everything together. I connected with Rachel and Anthony at Compound Health and Fitness.  What they offer is a science based approach to a healthy life style – which I guess others have done. But what is unique is that they care and have the tools and passion to help me drive to the next level with passion and intelligence. They looked at me as a person and initially target my nutrition plan and supplements and protein I was using. They did not stop there. They helped me and encouraged me to gain an eating lifestyle and do so in a common sense way.
    I am not a nutritionist and can easily be confused by carbs and etc. – not with them – they worked with me down to the meal level so I could develop a strategy that works just for me. Then they turbo charged me with a supplement strategy and training regime that just works – period. In many ways I feel that I am the entire focus of their efforts and that I am not a number or a customer – more like we are partners.
    I like that they care about me as a whole person – and will help me meet the goals we established. To be clear, they challenge me and for sure question my plan and targets and they need to all align. There were some things I was saying that did not align and that became evident. It was all part of their caring – and it is that caring about me that makes all the difference. I look forward to seeing them and they are excited to see me and help me make improvements and live a happy and healthy life – and yes that includes drinking beer at times and seeking balance – which is great.

    Jim Clark

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