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What diet do you recommend? How can I lose weight quickly? I can’t eat anything without gaining weight…If you’ve said this you’ve come to the right place. We believe nutrition is a key component to any healthy lifestyle. If your not eating right than how hard you work won’t matter. Your food will catch up to you eventually…Remember this motto “You can’t outwork your diet!”

Speaking of diet, what do we recommend? Paleo, Atkins, Vegan, Intermittent Fasting, Gluten Free? Well if your hoping we teach on one of these popular trends than your going to be disappointed. That’s because there is “NO 1 true diet” that works for everyone. Anthony, our Precision Nutrition certified Level-1 coach, offers his guided approach to helping clients develop their own diet or as he refers to it their “Eatin Style”. Anthony does more than say here are the foods you can and can’t eat. He helps clients understand what mistakes they are currently making. He works in tandem with his clients to create techniques to help them establish new habits, and prevent relapse or cheating through a proven system of success.

Our approach to diet aims to guide you through the (mis)information we consume daily, and educate you on what truly works. Is your diet driven by marketers and community craze? Or do you jump from diet to diet finding results along with dissatisfaction causing you to yo-yo in weight? Well don’t fret. We are here to help with nutritional coaching and ongoing education. In the meantime read our approach to starting a more nutritious Eating Style for yourself!


1) Properly Control Energy Balance
   * Energy balance pertains to Energy In vs. Energy Out. Lot’s of people talk about this more in the terms of calories-in vs. calories-out which is the same thing. We prefer to avoid talking about calories though because people tend to associate calories and weight together. Calories are simply energy. Realizing this allows you to start to disassociate that number on the scale as the ultimate definer of health. You know if your healthy or not without stepping on a scale, so fighting for a number that one perceives as ultimately healthy is not the right approach. Putting in the appropriate amount of energy, and exerting an appropriate amount (based on your goals) is the health zone!

2) Be Nutrient Dense
   * Nutrient dense means focusing on the vitamins and minerals of our food. The micronutrients. Much emphasis in American diet trends are focused on the Macronutrients: Protein, Carbs, and fat. Yet it is micronutrients that do all the hard work to digest and transport the macronutrients to the proper areas. Without proper nutrient levels our bodies can get out of whack quickly. Effecting hormone levels and function, metabolic syndromes, and almost all disease and illnesses. Plant-based foods are the most nutrient dense, this is why you know it is so important to eat your fruits and vegetables. Focus on filling half of your plate with vegetables and fruit at each and every meal to have a nutrient dense eating style!

3) Achieves Health, body, and performance goals
   * What you eat should be eaten with a purpose, and that purpose encompasses your health, body, and performance goals. As we go through different phases in our lives we eat with different goals in mind. When we are younger body goals are big. As we age health goals become more important (especially if we get a health scare). One should establish an Eating Style that achieves all 3 of these goals with the understanding that neglecting one goal for another will ultimately cause one to fail in all. Balance your foods among all food groups focusing on whole foods like fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds, lean meat, whole grains and legumes, and healthy fats/oils.

4) Honest and “outcome-based”
   * Establish an eating style that allows you to be honest with yourself. You can’t tell yourself your going Paleo when you know you are a carb fiend. Be honest about what you can get rid of and be happy about, and know what vices just can’t go, but need to be controlled. 

5) Sustainable for both humans and the planet
   * Your eating style must be sustainable. It should be something that becomes a lifestyle that you can maintain. A diet based on artificial and processed foods are both damaging pollutants to your body and the planet.


We encourage you to start applying these 5 things today. If you’d like to learn more please attend one of our nutrition education classes. With the right knowledge you will feel empowered knowing that eating well can be simple!

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