Sunday, May. 28th 2017

June Workout

“Rachie’s Favorite 3”
(Bodyweight workout)
Anthony asked me the other day what my three favorite body weight exercises were, so I thought I would put them in a nice and neat little workout for you to try on those days you can’t make it in to see us!

1a. Push- ups for as many as you can with good form
2a. Walking Lunges – 20 per leg
3b. JackKnives – 20 (on your back, arms and legs straight, crunch and meet in the middle, try to touch your toes.)

Rest for one minute and Repeat 2 more times!
***Remember workouts of the month are great filler workouts for doing at home, on the road, or when your short on time and/or equipment. There is always video demonstration on our YouTube Channel

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