Wednesday, Jun. 28th 2017

July Workout

“Traveling Interval Workout”
Ok folks, no excuses! We did this workout together at a hotel gym while road trippin’ to South Carolina. 
This is a great 30 minute home or away from home workout because you need minimal equipment. Give it a try and let us know what you think?! 
30 seconds of your Strength move followed by one minute of cardio.
*cardio options – high knees, walk or jog in place, jumping jacks or jump rope
1 Complete Round
1.) Plank Row x 30sec.
     Cardio x 1min.
2.) Push-ups x 30sec.
     Cardio x 1min.
3.) Squats  x 30sec.
     Cardio x 1min.
4.) Person-Makers
     Cardio x 1min.
5.)Plank x 30sec.
     Cardio x 1min.
Complete a total of 4 Rounds, putting you at 30 minutes for this no-nonsense workout!
***Remember workouts of the month are great filler workouts for doing at home, on the road, or when your short on time and/or equipment. There is always video demonstration on our YouTube Channel

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