Classes start at only $10 per class


bootcamp-1Boot Camp

Functional training done un-functionally! Boot camp brings together strength, and endurance to create a calorie burning workout. If tossing tires, dragging bags, carrying buckets, and working outside sounds right for you? Then you gotta report to Boot camp!

(All levels welcome)




With flexibility comes so many benefits…stronger bones and muscles, better range of motion, reduce/eliminate arthritic problems, eliminate toxins, the best cleansing workout method. Sometimes the best workout day is “recovery day” so let yoga be the way.





happy-hour-hitt H.I.T.T.

High Intensity Interval Training, or more easily said H.I.T.T., is a great class to maximize calorie burn, improve cardiovascular conditioning, all while maintaining lean muscle mass through strength movements. Interval training is an intense workout, but you will feel great after. Skip out on the normal end of the week “Happy Hour” and start making your “Happy Hour” a healthier one!



The core is responsible for your quality of health. Plain and simple. If you have hurting joints, muscle discomfort, imbalances the problem is your core. That’s more than your abs. Different from traditional core classes you may have taken in years past. Work your entire core in this class and feel yourself getting stronger from the center out!



senior-fitness-1Senior Fitness

What is the point of aging if you can’t enjoy it? Continue to enjoy the things in life by staying strong, mobile, and protecting your body from injury. As we age we are all more vulnerable to breaking down. Join our senior fitness class where we focus on strength, mobility, balance, and cognitive games to keep the brain strong to. Remember its a muscle as well! 



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