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  • Easy Sheet Pan Shrimp Boil

       The other week Rachel was scrolling through Pinterest looking for some recipe ideas. See we share a board where she picks out things that look good to her, and then I go about putting my own spin and flare to them. It's part of our weekly meal...

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  • Do Superfoods make you Super?

    Faster than a speeding bullet...More powerful than a locomotive...Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! Oh wait that was the catch phrase I remember from early morning cartoons. We are talking about "super-FOODS" not "SUPERMAN".  Super-Foods...

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  • Nutrition made easy

      Isn’t that something we all want? There are thousands of diet plans and supplements that all promise you’ll lose 10 pounds in your first week, or if you stop eating X, you’ll look like a supermodel. I saw an article that says "as Americans,...

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  • Nutrition vs. Exercise

           Nutrition or Exercise, which is more important? It's the age old question. A decade ago if you asked 100 people it'd probably come up 80/20 in favor of exercise. Now a days I think we are becoming more educated and if you ask that same...

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  • What food trends to expect this year

      Each and every year it seems we encounter new food trends. We start to experiment with foods from different cultures of the world for new flavors. Southern Dishes Korean Dishes Cambodian food Bubble Tea We share and try new diet...

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  • Mindful eating ~ The connection between our brain and belly

      Exploring the Mind Body Connection  with mindful eating...   Have you ever thought you weren’t very hungry, yet continued eating everything on your plate? Or, how about diving into an entire plate of brownies? What about when you’re...

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