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  • Renew your mind and improve your health!

    It is such a simple statement yet a much harder task to accomplish. But none the less it is important to renew our minds often. Some may do it monthly, weekly, or even daily. The practice of renewing your mind and reshaping your thoughts can do wonders,...

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  • Medi-what

    Meditate 20 bucks says the first thing you thought about when you read that first word was “here we go again with the hippy stuff” or “seriously? Meditate? That is the last thing I need”. Compound family, I cannot stress meditation enough....

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  • Mental Strength – You ARE what you THINK you are!

    Have you ever said, “This is just how I am.” Or “It takes too much time money to eat healthy and exercise regularly."? There is a quote from the Bible that says, “As a man thinketh, so is he.” Proverbs 23:7.     This simple proverb...

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  • Mindful eating ~ The connection between our brain and belly

      Exploring the Mind Body Connection  with mindful eating...   Have you ever thought you weren’t very hungry, yet continued eating everything on your plate? Or, how about diving into an entire plate of brownies? What about when you’re...

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  • 5 simple steps to making change stick!

    How does one truly make long lasting change?    I've had clients come to us over the years with the intent to make a change. They have had it with putting up with daily soreness, lacking energy, feeling tired and unhappy with themselves. They don't...

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